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Elegant, sophisticated, and modern illuminations for your special day. At GiGkiTs, we know that quality illuminat

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PA hire for weddings and all event types is one of our core areas of business, and we take pride in providing except

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At GiGkiTs, our craft is making the ordinary, extraordinary. From the simple ambiance lighting, to the most lurid an

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GiGkiTs Architecture light and brilliance transforms your building into an iconic architecture. Buildings illumin

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Make everyone feel special no matter where they are positioned at your reception. By incorporating fireworks,  atten

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GiGkiTs provides award winning DJs for your special event. Our DJs are professional and know what to play, when to p

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At GiGkiTs, we’ve got some of the best and most experienced Wedding and Corporate Event MCs and moderators in the bu

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GiGkiTs designs and fits a range of permanent installations including lighting rigs, public address and sound system

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Our Extra Services

Ambiance Lighting

Combination of LED lights to produce a uniform illumination; based on color preference.

Dancing In The Clouds

Thick low fog up-to knee level to create cloud-like special effect for a memorable First Dance.

Snow Flurries

A brief instance of snow with thin, single flaked showers for a cold winter First Dance effect.

Gobo Projection

Project special names or logos at your venue; create twirling design on ceiling or walls.


String Lighting

Add a twinkling atmosphere to your event with string, bistro or market lights. This will dazzle your guests.


Dance under rays of light with rotating dots across event venue. This creates a romantic atmosphere.

Mirror Ball Effect

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Pin Spotting

Pin spot your centerpiece, special event prop or your wedding cake to have it stand-out in room.

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