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Special Effects


At GiGkiTs, our craft is making the ordinary, extraordinary. From the simple ambiance lighting, to the most lurid and obvious special effects. We guarantee to make any event unforgettable.

No matter what the occasion, we leave nothing to chance, only a lasting impression of amazement on you and your guests. GiGkiTs can create the right effects to suit your occasion and more importantly, your personality.

Our special effects are breathtaking to say the least. If you would like a night to remember give us a call to discuss your specific requirements. We are sure to have just the effect for your event.

For a wedding unlike any other, with falling snow in summertime, spectacular lighting or explosions of brilliance, you need special effects from GiGkiTs.

Dance In The Clouds / Low Lying Fog Effect:

Dance In The Cloud Effect

Photo Credit: www.jemastudios.com

Take a walk on the clouds. The Cold Flow effect will cast a layer of fog across the dance floor, stage, or designated area to create a fantasy-like atmosphere. Imagine dancing on a cloud of low lying fog! This effect provides the illusion of dancing on a light fluffy cloud. We utilize a professional dry ice fogger to create the fairy-tale first dance of your dreams AND they will not set off smoke an fire alarms!

Starmaze: Night Sky Star Field Effect

The ceiling will twinkle!  The star-maze projects thousands of tiny laser beams onto a ceiling to create a starry effect that mimics a clear sky at night.

Monogram/Gobo Projection:

Gobo Monogram Name Projection

Photo Credit: QP Photography

Monogram Projection is all about style, personality and making a statement. A monogram definitely provides a “wow” factor at your wedding or event. Imagine guests entering your wedding to see your initials displayed in bright light on the dancefloor or wall. Because of the knowledge and expertise required to design, produce and setup a gobo monogram they are not all that common to weddings and special events.  We have this required knowledge and expertise to help you with your gobo.

Colour Booth/DJ Facade:

DJ Facade

DJ Facade/Color Booth with DJ Kobby Crack

This exciting addition creates either a subtle or dramatic effect by backlighting sheer white fabric covered panels with the lighting color of your choice to match your décor or have the lighting change or beat to the music.

Cake Pinspotting:

Cake Spotlight

Cake Spotlight/Pinspotting

Don’t let that multi-hundred dollar cake go unseen! The wedding cake is certainly a main focal point at weddings and it should be highlighted! Our wireless LED cake pinspotting makes the beautiful cake you took all that time deciding on a design and spent all that money on and makes it POP! Because our pinspots are wirelessly operated, battery powered and utilize high powered magnets for hanging there are no unsightly
accessories required, no wires and no electrical needed.Because they are LED they produce zero heat.

Bubble Experience:

Although great for any party, bubbles are a whimsical and beautiful addition to any wedding. Our premium dry bubble fluid bubble experience is perfect for your wedding reception. We suggest it’s use during your grand entrances or your first dance as husband and wife. Because we feature Dry Bubbles, this means no stains and no slipping!

Smoke Machines:

Smoke Effect

Photo Credit: Stevedon Fotos

Smoke machines add a romantic feel to your late evening reception and the effect is actually very easy to achieve. Misty, foggy smoke with clever back lighting can also create amazing wedding photography – the kind of artistic images you would have blown up to adorn the walls of your home for years to come.

Confetti Blasts:

If you really want to create the ‘ultimate party’ atmosphere . . . add some confetti to the mix! There is something about confetti that gets people in a festive mood. Everyone from young to old, will appreciate and enjoy this festive addition to your party. It really is a delightful way to say “celebration”.
Intelligent Lighting.

Intelligent lighting is an automated lighting that is a step above your normal effect lighting in the mere fact of the visual effects they create. Also referred to as moving head fixtures they are controlled and synchronized via computer, which gives them the “intelligent” title.
To get technical, these lights are very versatile in the fact that they produce different patterns, many vivid colors and they can move both panning left and right 360 degrees and tilt up and down 180 degrees. They can create both static (non-moving) patterns on the dance floor and around the room and they can create lots of movement around the room to provide and enormous amount of energy and a real “wow factor” to your event. Intelligent lighting is the type of lighting you would see at nightclubs and concerts that help to bring the music to life and they can do the same for your event!

Gobo Pattern Effect:


The magic of gobos is that you can not only project simple messages or names but can also create incredible environments and scenery. The projection will depend upon the pattern you choose from the pre-designed stock gobos or if you decide to have your own designed. So if you want to project that special pattern, create a forest or show light coming through a window gobos are the way to “go”!


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