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Fireworks | Pyrotechnics


Make everyone feel special no matter where they are positioned at your reception. By incorporating fireworks,  attendees will remember your event and its purpose, be it social, motivational, or promotional. A GiGkiTs Pyrotechnics professional firework display, carefully and safely planned, can and will make a difference!

First Dance Fireworks:

The best and mostly used case is for that special first dance. We place 2, 4 or 6 pyro fireworks on your dance-floor and lit them up simultaneously during first dance. This creates a sparkling effect that brings out a lot of waos.

Sparkling Centerpiece:

Ice Fountains are hidden in the centerpieces on every table at your reception and are fired together at a designated moment of your night. This creates a “sparkling centerpiece” effect. (Centerpiece sample must be received within 35 days of event)

Close Proximity Fireworks:

Close Proximity Pyrotechnics are typically used outdoors, on festival stages or unusual locations for example on barges, boats, or cranes and from the roof tops of buildings, in areas where crowds are too close for us to use traditional fireworks.

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