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Event DJing


GiGkiTs provides award winning DJs for your special event. Our DJs are professional and know what to play, when to play and how to drop those hit tunes. Your guest will never wish to go home when a GiGkiT DJ is behind the turntable/DJ decks.

Playing to entertain you and your guests is our priority, it surprises us that many DJs from other companies will only play a set playlist and not even take requests. Keeping as many people on the dance floor for as long as possible is a key objective for us, reading the crowd and understanding their responses on the dance floor.

To help us prepare for each unique event we provide a private meetings where you can discuss your request list in advance of your event. This gives us the indication of what you are looking for and expect, we do not recommend a full playlist of 100 songs or so, just your top 10 favorites, this way our DJs can adapt the music to guests requirements at your event.


Our experienced DJs play at all sorts of events from DJing at weddings, corporate functions, birthday parties, TV, radio and much more. With impressive track records they have catered for small events of just 20-30 people to large scale events of 20-30,000 people!!

We have DJ’s to cater for music from the 60’s to the Current Chart, from Dance to R&B, 70’s to 80’s, to whatever you want. We work with your needs to give you the best for you.

GiGkiTs DJs corporate with teams providing other services like MCing, lighting and special effects in a coordinated manner to ensure a total entertainment production blend.

Dress Code

If you have a dress code for your event let us know otherwise we’ll be in smart casual. Black Tie Ball or even fancy dress we’ll look the part you want.


Event Photos